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Synbiota Users Raise Over $3 Million Dollars

Synbiota Users Raise Over $3 Million Dollars After Graduating From Indie Bio Accelerator

Just 18 months after launch, Synbiota Inc's global network of biohackers has produced successful Synthetic Biology startups.

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) November 12, 2014

Indie Bio and Synbiota have teamed up to offer an exciting 4 month opportunity for those who are willing to take a pioneering leap into Synthetic Biology. The inaugural Summer 2014 cohort was primarily composed of teams from the Synbiota Network and because of their strong applications, great ideas, and hard work, they raised more than $3,000,000 in follow-up funding - Congrats biohackers!

[caption id="attachment_243" align="aligncenter" width="554"]Synbiota Users Raise Over $3 Million Dollars Synbiota Users Raise Over $3 Million Dollars[/caption]

Indie Bio is a wetware accelerator that focuses on entrepreneurs and researchers building technologies in or around the fields of synthetic biology and life science. Indie Bio offers 10 opportunities for $50,000 in seed funding, lab space, as well as mentorship to help take an idea to a product, in exchange for a 8% stake.

Synbiota is a web-based virtual lab that has been designed to support the development of synthetic biology solutions. With an electronic lab book, file storage, team management, IP tracking, metrics, GENtle3; the open-source DNA design tool, and an active community of researchers and enthusiasts spanning the entire globe, Synbiota is an effective R&D platform for individuals or teams of any size.

What Indie Bio graduates are saying about the opportunity:

“Making cow-free milk is not easy," says Ryan Pandya, co-founder of Muufri "but the potential benefits for both humans and cows are undeniable. The Muufri team assembled because of a relationship between New Harvest, Synbiota, and Indie Bio. We were early adopters of Synbiota’s technology and it enabled us to rapidly develop and document our Synthetic Biology R&D, which recently led us to a $2,000,000 investment."

“Synbiota was the first to recognize our talents through BricoBio and invited us to join their online community of biohackers" says Sarah Choukah, co-founder ofHyasynth. "Soon after, with Synbiota we were able to begin development and connect with Indie Bio to get our first round of funding for Hyasynth. We’re now raising additional funds, and Hyasynth is on trajectory to create the world’s first THC producing yeast.”

Apply via Synbiota and link an existing project to increase the chances of being accepted into the program. Showcasing real progress, project organization, and clarity of vision is the best way to secure a position at Indie Bio. Moreover, Synbiota is the primary tool that all members of Indie Bio will use to manage IP and projects throughout the program.

Indie Bio is currently accepting applications for the second cohort, which will run from January 2015 to May 2015 in Silicon Valley. Indie Bio isn’t going to wait until all applications are in to decide on the best applicants. If the Indie Bio team thinks an idea is fundable, they will fund it right away, so the early applicants have a better chance of getting into the program.

Contact indiebio(at)synbiota(dot)com or call 1-87-SYNBIOTA if there are any questions.

Application Deadline for Indie Bio Silicon Valley is December 7th, 2014.

About Synbiota:
Synbiota Inc. was founded in April 2013 in Toronto with the mission to streamline life science R&D and to make it universally accessible. Synbiota was a Fellow of Mozilla Labs, winner of 2014 SXSW Interactive, winner Hacking Health, and winner 48hrs in the Hub. Synbiota is the creator of GENtle the open-source, web-based DNA design tool. Synbiota initiated #ScienceHack, a distributed effort to use Synthetic Biology and Open Science to produce real anti-cancer medicine. Press package.

About Indie Bio:
Indie Bio is the world’s first Synthetic Biology accelerator devoted to funding and building startups dedicated solving humanity’s most pressing problems through biology. Indie Bio funds 4 Synthetic Biology accelerator cohorts per year in both San Francisco, USA., and Cork, Ireland.

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